What Is an LMS?

LMS is short for learning management system. A learning management system (LMS) is a software platform for the delivery, administration, and tracking of online training. The first LMS were developed for higher education but are used today for selling courses online via eCommerce and for corporate training.
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What Is e Learning?

e Learning is training delivered online using electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. e Learning courses are delivered via a learning management system (LMS). e Learning platforms provide a superlative learning experience that is significantly more flexible and cost efficient over traditional training.
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What is an Online course?

An online course is the actual training. Normally it includes videos, written material, quizzes and exercises. Anything you would provide in a live training would be provided in the course online.
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Why Consider online training courses on a LMC ?

Isn’t it a lot of work and won’t I need to be good with technology ? The answers are ‘No!’ and ‘No’.
Here is why you should seriously consider creating an online course on your own LMS? Anyone who has courses to sell , training to deliver , and wants to offer students the flexibility of accessing e-learning opportunities on their own timetable 24/7. If launching an online course is in your future, YOU NEED AN LMS!

You can diversify your income

Right now, maybe you do live training and because of the current situation you are doing a little bit of Zoom training, but that is only one income stream. What happens if you want to take a vacation or there is an emergency that cannot wait? That one income stream will dry out. Creating an LMS will ensure another income stream is working for you, even if you are not physically there to do the talking and training. You owe it to your health and your family, to at least check this out.

This industry is exploding

By 2025, online course will exceed $325 billion dollars and that will be a doubling from what was spent in 2014. This is an absolute explosion in a market that is still growing. With your skillset, you should be getting some of that money!

Your students are asking for it

You’re thinking, “no one has asked for this”. Maybe not to your face but more and more people are embracing doing things online. Because of that, online courses are being used by both by the young and the old. In fact, the average age of an online course student is 32 years old. People are asking for this, just not directly to you.

It is not nearly as hard as you think it is going to be

Maybe you’ve never even taken an online course, let alone built one or maybe you feel like you’re all thumbs around computers. I’m here to tell you that these are not issues to worry about because you have found help. Online-LMC.com can help you with as little as just providing the LMS for your course to practically building it for you. This is going to be easy because you’ve found us.

Employee Training

If you’re in charge of employee training, your HEADACHES are content management, live classroom delivery, not to mention people issues. How in the world can you pull everything together and still keep your sanity? The answer lies in ramping up a turnkey LMS for online employee training. Just think. You can seamlessly launch centralized training online, have it available anywhere 24/7, and run it parallel to, or instead of, live classes. Online-LMC.com™ customers love our dynamic course editing suite that lets you get training online in record time. You control the content, the style, even logo and them BRANDING. And for training in the field, employees can access HD streaming video right from their IPAD or tablet. It couldn’t be easier!


Trainers today are constantly being challenged: How can you multiple your efforts in a COST-EFFECTIVE, logical way, without diluting your content or delivery? With an LMS, trainers are finding ways to clone themselves 24/7 and deliver state-of-the-art training programs effortlessly to students. As with any new training system, affordability is a major concern. Our customers love our pay-as-you-go model that helps trainers MAXIMIZE CASH FLOW without pesky monthly subscription fees, ever. And you can choose from three different account types to customize your online training platform.

Corporate Training

If you’re a corporate trainer, your challenges are many…How do employees make TIME FOR TRAINING? What it there’s no central training site? And what’s the best way to train employees at their own pace? Training via an LMS provides access to learners whenever time permits, and you’ll be able to TRACK THEIR PROGRESS and document their training, every step of the way. You can cost-effectively design “get started” programs for new hires, plus refresher courses for all employees. And Learning solutions are a great way to DELIVER MANAGEMENT DEVELOPMENT TRAINING to busy execs.

Sales Training

Sales training doesn’t have to be problematic. STOP WORRYING about managing live classroom settings, schedule conflicts, and employee retention by switching to your own LMS for sales training. With an LMS like Online-LMC.com™, you can ADD ASSIGNMENTS OR CASE STUDIES, vital in sales training curriculum. And email notifications and user data export will keep you and your students up to date in the communications loop.

Your new LMS Features

Mobile Responsive

From the back end admin experience to the front end learner experience, 100% mobile responsive, ensuring the system will look awesome on virtually any device.

Content Library

Bolster your learning and development program with on-demand training courses from our online course library.

Reward & Motivate

Provide incentives for learning using ramification. Reward success with custom badges, leader boards and certificates.

Completely Customizable

Complete control over branding, colors, logos, navigation and more.

Guided Implementation

From initial setup to launch and beyond, our support team is with you every step of the way – for FREE!

Measure Comprehension

Use integrated assessment tools to measure employee success – true/false, multiple choice, custom surveys.