Our objective is to collaborate with you to provide the highest quality training programs available. Our goal is to ensure that all your training needs are met.  We believe we offer a different approach at Excel Sales Consulting.  We have put our 32 years of live training material onto our own eLearning portal using the On-Line LMC system. It’s the best business decision to date!
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Quotes from Norman Rose

” I had hundreds of days away from home! ”

” I couldn’t capture the larger masses of people that I COULD BE training ”

” Even with larger speaking engagements, it was just fraction of the people ”

” live training can really wear you down! ”

” A much more profitable model (Online LMC) versus live training ”

Norman Rose
CEO, Excel Sales Consulting

Our primary focus is to train you with the necessary skill set to get you placed for not just a job but a career in the car business.
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Quotes from Paolo Lacobazzi

” If you produce something and put it out there, it’s got to be excellent! ”

” Why settle for just good enough? ”

“ The Online LMC team made a huge difference immediately! 
Professional, customer service was bar none! ” 

” Delegate your time and put it in the hands of the experts in their field ”

” The LMC team are the experts ”

” What we develop as a team, will be above the rest! ”

Paolo Iacobazzi
CEO, The Auto Trainer